Live Ajax Search

Learn your customer’s search trends and offer better results based on their behaviour. With this module your search will get smarter every time it is used, offering the most relevant results automatically. This will reduce search time and increase conversions.


Simple setup


Live search results


Search products, categories and more


Intelligent search

Start typing in the header search and see how results popup. You can also view in admin what is trending.

Q. Will it work with my theme?

A. It can support basically any theme. The selector for the drop-down is set in the admin panel and can be changed for your current them.

Q. How does the smart feature work?

A. Every search result is recorded. The system then connects the query string to the most clicked results and gives them a better place in the drop-down. This allows your search to get better over time.

Q. What does the one installation License offer?

A. A one installation license allows you to install one copy of this extension on one OpenCart Installation. You can use it in multistore.

Q. Is support included?

A. Yes, you also get 1 year of premium support and free updates. After one year expires, you can still continue to use the latest installed version.